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Road traffic is never static, but in constant change. And, there is no unique traffic source that covers all regions, all roads, all types of information and that is constantly 100% correct. Therefore, to create the best possible traffic information, V-Traffic source data is created by compiling information and messages from many reliable sources, which we then analyse, process, quality control and distribute.

Our operators collect and process messages and add their own observation of the actual traffic conditions. They listen to local and national radio stations, where drivers call in to indicate traffic incidents, and they retrieve important information from service centres, tourist agencies, event organizers, local authorities and more.

All these manually operated and automated traffic messages are combined with real-time vehicle speed information collected from millions of vehicles equipped with GPS or smartphone apps.

Our partners



The Swedish Transport Administration is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of all state owned roads and railways. Trafikverket also develop long-term plans for the transport system on road, railway, sea and flight. Trafikverket provides V-Traffic with information about traffic incidents such as roadwork, road closures, road accidents and other incidents, as well as real-time speed information for certain regional routes.

SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm operates emergency at number 112, where hundreds of operators take the calls from individuals seeking help. SOS Alarm locates traffic incidents such as car accidents, and accidents involving wild animals on all Swedish roads. With the shortest possible delay, SOS Alarm notifies traffic incidents to V-Traffic, whilst the SOS centre sends the necessary assistance to the place indicated. The service handles about 3,5 million incoming calls a year.



Is published by P4 Radio Hele Norway AS and provides V-Traffic with a complete overview of road and traffic information in Norway: incident information, road safety cameras locations, accessible parking and bicycles, radar and police controls and more. The service is updated continuously with data from P4 listeners and traffic operators, the public road administration and the users of the V-traffic and Trafikkflyt applications.

SOS Alarm


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the national and county road networks, vehicle inspection and requirements, driver training and licensing. Vegvesen works closely with local authorities and public road administration under the ministry of transport, and provides V-Traffic with traffic information from a road network of 44.200 km.

SOS Alarm


The Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet) is responsible for the state-owned roads in Denmark. They promote an integrated road and transport system. With special consideration to the environment, the mission of Vejdirektoratet is to work towards a safe, secure and easy journey on the roads for people as well as for goods. Vejdirektoratet provides traffic incident information to V-Traffic on a 4,000 km long road network, representing approximately 50 % of the entire road traffic in Denmark.


Finnish Meteorological Institute

Finnish Meteorological Institute is one of Scandinavia's leading companies in meteorology and provides tailored road weather forecasts, such as warnings for snow, rain mixed with snow or slippery roads on the northern European road network.


FCD - Speed data from millions of vehicles

Millions of private and service vehicles equipped with GPS devices and smartphones, provide both automatic and manual insight into traffic conditions.

V-Traffic uses fixed sensor as well as Floating Car Data (FCD), to determine with great accuracy the traffic speed on the road network. FCD technology is based on the collection of localisation data, speed, direction of travel and time information from mobile phones, smartphones, GPS devices, and other navigation systems installed in the vehicles driving on the road. Potentially every vehicle with an active mobile phone may act as an anonymous sensor on the road network. V-Traffic collects billions of positions anonymously from taxis and other professional fleets, to calculate the average speed of vehicles on the roads. All sources of information are harmonised, processed and quality checked by our traffic experts.

Our V-Traffic smartphone apps

With V-Traffic's own traffic application installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you help other drivers by reporting accidents, police control areas, traffic incidents or slippery roads. All traffic incidents reported are checked by V-Traffic's local operators. We thank you in advance for your help in producing the most comprehensive traffic information.

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